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ToXiC Intro
Guild Rule
*Age requirement 16+.

*Minimum level of 45 is required.

* Terms Guild, and decisions Guild founders and officers must be respected. All decisions on policies and activities Guild will be made after consultation between them and members, but after making a decision, they become binding for all.

* In case of disagreement with some decisions about the Guild organization or in-game disagreement with officers or members, first use the in-game or a forum PM to explain the potential problems. All officers are available for such communication.

* Adhere to all members, ToXiC and teammates from the Empire factions. Any objection to inappropriate in-game (or forum) behavior of members of ToXiC will be carefully considered and handle in accordance with the collected evidence.

* Any debate about religion and politics in the in-game chat and vent is prohibited.

* Allods Online is a multiplayer game. ToXiC promote the game in groups and cooperativeness. Help others to make the other titles in aid.

* Conduct unbecoming to the in-game chat/mumble forum (in threads or PM) will be the strictest sanctioned. Sexist, racist and chauvinist messages will be punished. In-game chat spam will also be punished.

*Please remain anonymous till you reach level of 40+.

*If you are high level please be very seen so we can all know that you are still active.

* Roll system for loot is accorded among party members / RAID. Whoever outside the agreement took for himself a certain piece of equipment will be sanctioned.

* Do not switch the party / raid if you can not stay until the end - time failure of a party other members of Guild. It is better to announce the departure and
agree about whether it is acceptable to the rest of the group before the action begins.

* Teamspeak3 is required when raiding. Use following link to download:

* It's highly recommended to use voice communication program when operating boat in astral.

* Guild would have collected material and equipment manufacturers and their names will be stated on the forum. The aim is that members of the ToXiC cooperate with each other so that all are provided with quality equipment. Aggregators active material will have advantages in obtaining gear made in relation to other members of Guild.